Kara Scott Hair Stylist | Ever wondered what it’s like backstage at London Fashion Week?
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Ever wondered what it’s like backstage at London Fashion Week?


Ever wondered what it’s like backstage at London Fashion Week?

One word….chaotic!

I was lucky enough to be styling the hair at three shows at the beginning of London Fashion Week SS14 and it was hard core!

My first show was for designer Luke Archer London who was debuting his ‘De l’ ocean’ collection. I was lead hairstylist and responsible for deciding which styles to go for as well as doing the hairs for the models. Fortunately, the team of models he had were fantastic! They were so friendly and easy going which made my job so much easier. Especially given the fact that they had to sit with their heads up side down while I plaited up the back!

IMG_2229 IMG_2250 IMG_2226 IMG_2224

We selected one model to wear the collection’s signature piece which was a stunning evening dress. A signature dress needs a signature hairstyle, so I decided to give her mine. The model had the most beautiful hair but there was a lot of it, and I mean A LOT! The before and after photos are crazy!

IMG_2239[1] IMG_2244 IMG_2243 IMG_2367

My favourite official images of the show can be found in the ‘fashion’ section of my website portfolio.


The following day I was part of the team working at ‘The Angels of Fashion’ show in aid of The Prince’s Trust. It was a huge event with lots of different designers all showcasing their collections. The models had travelled from all over the world to be part of the show and they were amazing. Some of them were easily up there with the most beautiful women in the world, I have never seen anything like them before! Although I have to confess that I was genuinely surprised that they were so lovely to work with and really down to earth.

It was organised chaos backstage with a huge hair and make up team working non stop for over 12 hours prepping the models and then changing looks during the shows for the models who were walking for more than one designer. I have picked out some of my favourite photos from backstage and absolutely can not wait for the official published images to be released.

IMG_2306 IMG_2309 IMG_2302 IMG_2313 IMG_2346 IMG_2347