Kara Scott Hair Stylist | What? Big hair is out?
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What? Big hair is out?


What? Big hair is out?

With only 18 days to go until Christmas, the festive season is upon us and that can only mean one thing…it’s party time!

With so many events coming up, looking fabulous all of the time can be exhausting. So to make it all a little easier, I have taken all of the hard work out of it and picked the hottest hair and make up look that you should be wearing this season. This means less time worrying and more time being merry. You can all thank me later.

So the look you should all be going for this party season is…

Sleek and sexy.

For those of you that didn’t see the pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at this week’s British Fashion Awards, where were you?! She sizzled her way down the red carpet in an ultra glam red Antonio Berardi trouser suit, with equally amazing hair and make up to match.

Luckily for us, her choice of hairstyle is not only totally on trend, but also pretty easy to achieve. Thanks to the fashion Bible, by that I mean Vogue, I managed to find an explanation of how her style was created, including tips from the man behind the look, hairstylist George Northwood.

“George began by washing and towel-drying Rosie’s hair, before applying a good mist of setting spray. He then dried the hair, directing the dryer and hair away and back from the face using a paddle brush, before straightening the mid-lengths and ends.

‘I then clipped all the front of the hair back using section clips and tissue paper to set it.  Using the tissue allows you to set the hair without leaving clip marks,” George explained. “To set the style with product I used Redken Quick Dry 18 and I focused this around the hairline to give hold and a more sculptural finish. The product is very sheer and gives hold with no crispiness. I finished with a touch of Pureology Precious Oil on the ends and big mist of Redken Shine Flash for a high-shine finish. Just before she went out, I removed the pins and tissue.’ “

(Vogue UK)


For make up, she followed the classic rule of ‘either eyes or lips, not both.’ Her eye make up was simple and elegant, vamped up with super hot red lips.

For us, that means no wrestling eye shadows brushes, just adding a liiiittle more on this side, then a liiiittle more on that side, until it’s panda eyes galore and looking as though we have gone ten rounds with Tyson. We have all been there. A simple sweep of a neutral shade shadow, a quick eyeliner flick (bronze eyeliner is hot right now), a layer or two of mascara and voila! Slick on your lipstick colour of choice, grab your dancing shoes and you’re on your way. Enjoy!