Kara Scott Hair Stylist | Want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model?
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Want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model?


Want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model?

With the filming of the official Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taking place in New York this week, the question on everyone’s lips is…


I admit it, I can’t get enough of the ‘Angels’ and, judging by the social media storm they caused with their Tweeting and Instagram updates, this year’s show is going to be the hottest one yet.

Yet I can’t help looking at the models and wondering how it is even possible to look like that?! They are surely superhuman? Not of this world? They are almost like the sun, don’t look directly at them or you will melt, spontaneously combust or in my case, vow to live in the gym until you look like that and then end up eating a whole box of chocolates to drown your sorrow as you realise that it is never going to happen.

Moving swiftly on, after accepting that I am not a genetically gifted supermodel worthy of ‘Angel’ status, I decided to find out their secrets, more specifically…THE HAIR.

Oh that hair. It’s magnificent. Smooth and flowing like a silky soft hair waterfall fit for a Goddess. The Holy Grail of hair. It’s creation? A fiercely guarded secret that has been protected for decades. Until now.

Okay I may have exaggerated slightly, however the ‘Angels’ are known as much for their hair as they are for their bodies. Recently, I happened to stumble across a video tutorial by Italo Gregorio, an actual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show hair stylist, explaining how to achieve their look. His step by step instructions are simple, straightforward and easy to follow, meaning you will master the style in no time.

So, although we may not all be able to be Victoria’s Secret ‘Angels’, we can at least have fabulous hair like them! The ‘Victoria’s Secret Hair’ link below takes you to the video so sit back, enjoy, and when you’re done? Swish your hair about like you’re strutting that VS runway. You can thank me later!


Victoria’s Secret Hair