Kara Scott Hair Stylist | A present for you all…
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A present for you all…


A present for you all…

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

I just had to do a quick post so that I could share with you my latest beauty discovery…and what a discovery it is!

To quote Now Magazine, ‘If you could put Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram in a beauty blender, the result would be…”


Only the greatest beauty website around at the moment. It has all your beauty needs in one place from hair, make up and nail advice and ideas to video tutorials with step by step instructions.

I direct your attention in particular to user Maycry M, you will see why when you check her out. She often resides in the ‘Top 6’ section.

Here is the website link Preen.Me

Go forth, be merry, be safe and have a fantastic new year.

You’re welcome 🙂